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6' Tall Goddess to Control Your Fantasies

I’m a kinky, perverted, brilliant Goddess who likes nothing more than to wipe the shit-eating grin off the face of someone both literally and metaphorically beneath Me.

Looking down at you from atop my stilettos – only adding to my already 6’1” frame – I will laugh at you while I exploit your vulnerability. I know exactly what you want and will taunt you as my long legs, my smooth alabaster skin, and my impressive curves are kept just out of your reach… you know full well they are too good for you, so far out of your league that even in your wildest fantasies you would only be allowed to beg for the pleasure of worshipping my pretty pedicured feet. My full lips, always turned up in a smile, will at one moment whisper sweet encouraging words into your ear as I push your limits and, the next, degrade, insult, and humiliate you with my quick wit.

I want to use your body as a canvas for my sadism, impacting precise pain and skillfully flogging and beating you into a further degree of submission.

I want to choke the air out of you, smother you, and use you as an ashtray because you don’t deserve to breathe the same air as Me.

I want you on your knees, dressed up like a pretty little slut for me in panties and lipstick.

I want to use you up and make you beg for more.

Luckily, my joyful sadism is tempered with a kind benevolence – I know what you need and I will tenderly guide you and help you if you turn yourself over to me. I love the interplay between two people. Of course I demand control, but I do enjoy responses, verbal and non-, as I play with minds and bodies. The squeals and squirms of a lucky slut, sub, or kinkster is invigorating.

Background: Ukrainian/German

Skin Tone: porcelain

Body Type: feminine & curvy with incredibly long legs

Weight: 140

Measurements: 32G-30-40

Eyes: piercingly blue

Hair: long & red

Shoe Size: 10 !