Phone Sex

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Ms Tracy

sizzling sadistic smoker with long, luscious legs

start at the bottom and work your way up

see my sensuous feet in sexy shoes...
  look up my long, long legs...
    consider how my corset cradles my crotch...
      behold my beautiful breasts...
        and then notice the naughty nicotine-stick...
Got a light?

As I hold a cigarette between black-gloved fingers, you begin to feel aroused. When I take a drag, your gaze drifts downwards to see my chest lift. And then your hear me exhale a slow drift from pursed lips.

I smile, knowing what you're thinking. You'd love an amazing, smokey blowjob, wouldn't you?

Tracy don't roll that way, babe.

Instead, let's play tease and denial. I'll tie you to a chair to leave you without a cigarette for an hour or two to warm up for me.

Then... perhaps I'll lean forward and blow smoke in your face, just to tease you. No, you can't have a drag. But, if you beg sincerely, maybe I'll engulf your mouth with mine and give you a full-lunged smokey kiss.

What will you do for a cigarette now, babe?

Like my pics?

My girlfriend took over 60 pictures of me in my living room.

The set includes pictures emphasizing my luscious long hair, closeups of my feet in these fab shoes, shots focusing on smoking, teasers for those into ass worship, and my gorgeous long legs.

While the outfit is my absolute fave, as the day progressed, I wore less of it... and so, the pics became extremely explicit.

You can buy the entire 960 x 1280-resolution set for $20.


Lesbian PPV game

My hot blonde girlfriend playing in the shower with me...

Can you get to the hottest bits in my PPV game?

Starts at $5 and goes up...

loser pretty lame my shoes cost more at least you're making an effort I can buy my girlfriend something nice for Christmas you've got my attention