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Ms Tracy

forced bisexuality for you wanna-be cocksuckers

I'll make you into a good little cock-sucker

No matter how you fool people in the real world, you know deep inside you're not a real man. And you don't want to be.

You want to be humiliated by a dominatrix who knows what you really are. You want to feel desirable in some sense and know you aren't except as a cocksucker. It makes you feel wanted, objectified, used.

And doing it for me makes you feel the depth of your submission, that I own you so completly that I can lend you out like a sex toy.

If you're inexperienced with the fantasy, perhaps you just want a femdomme to shove her cock down your throat to begin with before you advance to an intimidating dominatrix forcing a huge dildo up your ass.

But eventually, you'll want a real live cock and you'll begin fantasizing about cocksucking. You'll become obsessed with it.

And sooner or later, you'll want a real cock up your ass, because I want it. Cause nothing emasculates like having hot cum shot up your ass.

You'll do it for me.

Like my pics?

My girlfriend took over 60 pictures of me in my living room.

The set includes pictures emphasizing my luscious long hair, closeups of my feet in these fab shoes, shots focusing on smoking, teasers for those into ass worship, and my gorgeous long legs.

While the outfit is my absolute fave, as the day progressed, I wore less of it... and so, the pics became extremely explicit.

You can buy the entire 960 x 1280-resolution set for $20.


Lesbian PPV game

My hot blonde girlfriend playing in the shower with me...

Can you get to the hottest bits in my PPV game?

Starts at $5 and goes up...

loser pretty lame my shoes cost more at least you're making an effort I can buy my girlfriend something nice for Christmas you've got my attention