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Your wallet is the only thing I'll be sucking dry.

You are a slightly smarter slave than the rest. You are naturally subservient. You have a vast amount of resources to offer. You are dedicated, enthusiastic, hard-working, and loyal. You would like nothing more than to faithfully and fully commit yourself to the financial-sub lifestyle. Though you are a slave, you have wants and needs: humiliation, exploitation, and the high that comes from total dedication to servitude. You have places you would like to go, personal limits you want pushed, mental roadblocks to happiness knocked down. You have not committed to a mistress yet, unsure if you would receive the proper training in exchange for your utter devotion. I will take you there. As your mistress, I will take you to the places you've been looking for. I will break down the man you are now, and rebuild you in the image of the perfect slave. I will control your every action. I will possess your every thought. I will humiliate you in every possible way, and I will enjoy every second of it. I will exploit your every uncertainty. I will sit back and watch, criticizing your body as you strip for me. I will shriek with glee when you put on panties and dance for me. I will relish each thick black mark as you draw my name across your entire body. These are only the most simplistic tortures - I can think of a thousand ways to abase, embarrass, and degrade you. I will show you no mercy. I will push every limit, and then you'll beg me for more. Best of all, I will separate you from this thing which burdens you, which corrupts you, which distracts you from your goals. I will take away your greed dollar by dollar, until you are pure, until your mind is a blank slate which I will carve my name into.