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financial domination... duh piggie.

Welcome to your new home dirtbag.
Where your every move, thought, and breathe are under my control. I am an elite financial domme, born an raised in supreme luxury and comfort. I know what I deserve and that's the very best; I also know what you deserve... and that is to make my life the best possible. From now on, everything you do is up to me. You no longer think or speak for yourself. You will ask my permission for anything you do including "princess may I masturbate tonight" and "princess may I go to the grociery store", not to mention "princess may I think sexy thoughts" and you will send your hard earned dollars to me. Why? -because I deserve them, and you deserve to work for them.. I'm the princess and I do and WILL get what I want, when I want it. A princess shouldn't have to spend the time working to get money, it should be handed to her. And that is how it is going to happen. You work, and I spend. If you feel that you are worthy of being my slave, have at it piggy-boy, you've got a lot to prove. Don't think it's just easy sailing, you must earn your worth in my life, kissing my feet and paying for my luxuries. Saddle up and buck down cowboy, you're in for a ride. ;]