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The dark side of cuckolddom


It hurts! BUT it also makes you so hard. You don’t know what to do because YOU ARE A LITTLE dicked guy. Tiny dick submissives are my favorite because there is no "pretend" or "fantasy!" Your smallness is a flesh-and-blood reality. Your inability to dominate is visible and an anatomical reality. As an imperfect teeny weenie, you are a real, genuine submissive sissy cuckold. And because of your evident smallness, you become even smaller inside. I know that small dicked men feel even smaller knowing that you know it, too, only adds to your overwhelming feeling of tininess that is tucked between your legs.
How many boyfriends does your girl have? I bet you beg your woman to let you watch her being fucked. And on the nights that she doesn’t come right home from work, you can’t wait for her to walk through the bedroom door with her cum filled cunt. As you slide off her panties, you see her panties are drenched in cum and then the feral scent of another man assaults your senses. You dip your tongue into her gaping hole and visualize the monster cock that stretched her cum filled cunt or was there more than one?

Your hunger for cum is sated as you lick and suck and scoop out all the cum with your tongue but you are not allowed to cum until you are told. You are a zero and all because you place all your importance on what you have between your legs ~ a little zero. You are isolated because of your secret and she takes advantage of you. Lying beside her nude body is 10 inches of hell. Your girl has a surprise for you.

Oh, don’t you wish! When she comes home from work after a LONG, HARD night of BANGCOCK, well, you know that strap-on that you placed on the bed won’t be used tonight. So…

Or are you one of the cuckolds who waits in the dark. You have retreated to the dark… the dark side of cuckolddom. Just how long has she been gone? When did she leave you? It doesn’t matter, does it! She still has a stronghold on your itty-bitty dicklette. Can’t cum without her permission? So sad because she has moved on and to bigger and better cOcks… lol Where you wait ~ for her but will she return?

Zero!! Pick up the phone and CALL ME!


I want to please you so please don’t tell me you like everything. Tell me what you like.
My pet peeves are the silent ones who expect me to have a 20 min. sex session talking to dead silence while they jerk off. (Don't Do That!).
If you are sitting there fantasizing about firing off a fat wad of your jizm on my face by reading these words... Stop it right now and CALL ME!

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