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Seeking Mature Male Submissives and More


Hi, everyone!. I love to talk to talk on the phone and especially like to talk to male submissives. I have been blessed with the gift of gab which is quite a boon when getting guys off over the phone! I am 26 years old, hot, and the big secret....I am also bisexual.  I have a tight body with curves in all of the right places.! I am both sassy and sensuous which are all qualities that make me fantastic phone sex calls of any bent. My favorites are sensual domination, submitting but only to the right guys and GFE calls. .


For my Femdom calls, I am seeking male submissives who are looking to serve a strong but loving female. I want to be able to enjoy you as a person as well as a subservient male.I like older male submissives because they know what they want, and so do I. If you choose to call me for domination know my favorite scenes involve me getting spoiled by a bi sexual or bu curious male who does not mind being cuckolded. Now guys if you are reading this and submitting is not your cup of tea, keep reading. I am into way more than just domination. I even bend the other way.


I have found there are all types of people in this world and people have all kinds of desires. It is because of this I also like to be dominated. There are many men that I am attracted to who would never even consider bowing down to me and I love that kind to, I just hope you can take control right away or have the power to force me to submit!


I know not everyone falls into one category or another and I do love all types of calls but everyone has their favorite, you know?  This is my overall favorite. Girlfriend experience! It can come in any flavor and all that I have experienced are a lot of fun! Some of you do not have girlfriends, wives or whatever and might want to give GFE a shot. It can be cool to have someone who is there for you only when you want them to be which makes them so much better than the clingy girls you have to commit to. GFE calls are like having a girlfriend on your terms. I am a great girlfriend and you can turn me off whenever you want to!

If you are calling for hot nasty sex like you have never had before with a Femdom, GFE, submissive or anything else I have not mentioned that might trip my trigger, What are you waiting for? I am right here waiting for you! Feel free to give me a ring.