Phone Sex

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10 perfect toes are just a slurp away!


I will make you cum when I rub your cock with my high arches. You will lick the heels of my stilettos as you sniff my sweaty feet. Or maybe I’ll have on that plaid school girl outfit with deeppink cotton knee highs and my shiny black Mary Janes.
I like boys that share my passion for thigh highs, pantyhose, and shoes. Let me share my shoe fetish with you. Tickle the bottoms of my feet! Massage and lick the sweat from my feet that have been stuffed in my shoes all day. Whatever you can think of, I am willing to try.
You want to lick my toes and run your tongue along the edge of my sole. You lick my stilettos. You want to massage them, paint my toenails, and tickle my toes!

Tell me you fantasy and I will fulfill it. Let’s go wherever our imaginations take us. Nothing is too naughty. Your secret desires are safe with me. Let’s play games until we are both panting with sated exhaustion. Why are you waiting? Don’t you want me to make your darkest fantasies come to life?

I bend down to adjust my stockings on a crowded escalator. I look at the run starting to shoot up my leg. I raise my skirt and adjust my garters. I casually look up and catch you staring at my thigh. There is no doubt that you are fixated on my legs. I stand and straighten my skirt. I move close to you and place my left leg between your legs and whisper, “Do you like what you see?” My sweet dulcet voice wraps around your cock and makes your cock move. Again, I whisper in your ear, “I think you just gave me your answer.” “If you like what you saw, let’s get off at the next level and go to Victoria’s and I could really put a show on for you.” “What are you waiting for?” I grab your hand and place it on my breast and look into your eyes. “Well, would you?” As we enter Victoria’s, you become more aroused as your hand brushes against the racks of lingerie. I slip something into the young clerk’s hand and return to you. You realize that I paid her off to let you into the dressing room with me. You undress me and pick out the sexiest, silkiest, skimpiest matching bra, panties, and garters. You adjust my garters and… What are you waiting for? Pull up Victoria’s and choose what you want me to model for you. Then, pick up the phone and CALL ME!!!

I want to please you so please don’t tell me you like everything. Tell me what you like.
My pet peeves are the silent ones who expect me to have a 20 min. sex session talking to dead silence while they jerk off. (Don't Do That!).
If you are sitting there fantasizing about firing off a fat wad of your jizm on my face by reading these words... Stop it right now and CALL ME!

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