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Me being on NF is rare, so now is your chance to be drained,teased & humiliated all for my pleasure! I am highly experienced at mind fucking and taking the money of men all over the world! men were put here for 1 thing, TO SERVE GODDESS TIERRA. All that cash you go to work to earn will be much better in my hands. You will become addicted and weakened by my power so easily!
I love torturing poor little white piggies dont be shy bitch pick up that phone and hand it over!

**This is not a phone sex listing**


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I love torturing poor little white piggies dont be shy bitch pick up that phone and hand it over!

**This is not a phone sex listing**

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Here's your first temptation already! Look at the preview and try not to buy this HOT CLIP! Its so easy to kick this expensive habit but,so hard when I am tempting and teasing your submissive little brain! You are an addict and I will prove it. As I slowly strip away my clothes to reveal my sexy new bikini I give you MANY chances to turn off the video and walk away but instead your get lured in by my seductive teasing and hypn0tic voice luring your into temptation!
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Everybody's doing it and since you wont be able to resist me in this sexy pink VS lingerie you will be doing it too! Im about to make you into a cum guzzler! Dont worry its not gay if its your own haha open up obsessed pet! You said you would do anything for me and now I want you to slurp it down for Goddess Tierra
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Glam black and white photo set of me topless in a fur crop jacket, tall stiletto heels and panties! Get your Goddess Tierra fix with these 17 high resolution professionally shot images.
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Have you figured out my plan yet? I have been working out so hard and getting my perfect figure in even more amazing shape. I guess you can kinda say Ive become addicted to perfecting my body! You boys seem to be going crazy and becoming even more addicted to it as the days go on. Just look at all of the smooth ebony perfection, curves and my new muscles. The more I work out the weaker I make you drooling boys haha I can only imagine the damage Im going to do to your wallets in a few more months. Get ready to worship my perfect body in a TINY string bikini!
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awww Ive maxed out your credit cards and now your worried about what your wife will say? Your wondering what she's going to say now that your not spending any money on her. Your wondering what to say when you tell her its time to start clipping coupons and saving? Who cares, the only thing that matters is Goddess Tierra and serving HER. I deserve everything and she deserves nothing. Compare us bitch boy.... there's NO comparison when it comes to your hot ebony Goddess. I'll show you exactly why.

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This was a custom clip for my bikini obsessed slave! Seems like just yesterday my bikini bitch was just trying to get off to me in a bikini buying expensive cam shows and purchasing every single bikini video I have ever made. Now Im controlling his every thought with my perfect bikini clad body!  He's spent thousands on his growing addiction to me just over the last few years, just like you other boys obsessed with my perfect body in a bikini! I completely own you your cock and wallet when Im teasing in a little bikini, just watch!