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I've heard all the lame intros here before, but I'll tell you this: I'm different... And not in the same way that your mother used to help you feel about your penis. HAhaha. I'm not all about verbal abuse, but like your lack of manlihood, you'll get over it! If my boyfriend or roommate (Princess Priority) are around, I'm going to laugh at you all the more. I accept calls when I'm horny, hungry, angry, emotional, indifferent, indifferent, etc. I'll even give you my real myspace link with my mama on it (after you pull out your wallet). For now, you only get this new myspace link below. I have nothing to loose. You envy me and you need serious training, fool! I'm feeling wicked today, so when it comes to guidance, hell naw! You just want to guide that dildo yourself I bet, so you need to pay, my pet! Bitch you don't even know how lucky you would be to my dog!
I will own you, mind, body and soul.

I'm a Midwestern cutie with a bootie that needs to be worshiped. My legs... Worshiped. My thighs... Worshiped. My my you forget I'd only skrew you with a platinum dildo attached to the ball gag that never weighs you down. Keep emptying that wallet ;)

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My Wish List

Lookie! You have stuff to look forward to, if any of the following describes you. Perhaps it does? I'm going to make you anyway, but can you get descriptive with me here, because I want to hear why some may call you something less pleasing than a freak. I may help you entertain the idea, or I could deprive you in so many ways. What it's going to be... It's not up to you, is it?
  • Human ATMs, dinky winkies who snoodle caboodle whatever I say, and blackmail participants lol
  • Public humiliation, cock n ball torture, face slapping, dildo training & cuckolding
  • Orgasm control, bondage, deprivation, blindfolds (is that a real dick in your ass you think? forced bi maybe?)
    OK. Maybe that was a whole new topic there, but I must say that putting you on a corner can be arranged...
    What happens if you couldn't meet my quota? Live off of ramen. Duh. NOW, where's my piggie?!
  • Femdom, female supremacy (a given), teasing, denial & chastity enforced by the best key holder you'd ever love to know!
  • Pantyboys, choreboys, sissy maids, foot stools, cum licking robots, and feminization fun galore
  • Goddess worship at its finest has arrived! If you share the same appreciate for nylons, shoes, and pretty toes as I...
    It's called TRIBUTE! I don't need help staying fine, but you better appreciate the work I put into you! Oh yes. I'll definitely...