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Daphne Dreams

Bonfire Erotic Story- Pt.1 - ALL girls! - Mp3s!!!



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Daphne’s Erotic Adventures
They’re What YOU Decide

This is Path 1 in my Erotic Adventure Story series, "Friday Night Bonfire." It has one beginning, but many different endings and where I end up, is totally up to you. If you have not already, you may want to listen to the Introduction first (which is this listing). You will find that there is a lot more to the story after the tone is set for the “Friday Night Bonfire” and YOU get to choose the direction my night will take. You have found your way to Path 1 where I end up at the Bonfire, but only girls are there!

As you listen to my night unfold, you get to make additional choices for me, which lead to different recordings! If you don’t like the way one story turns out, you can go back and try a different option until you come to a more satisfying outcome for your personal tastes. Want me to explore my submissive side? Ok! Want me to be more than just bicurious? Done! Feel like sharing me with all your friends? I think you get the idea. *giggle*

Please keep in mind that I will be reading an erotic story I wrote and even though I sound pretty hot doing it and reading it certainly arouses me, it's not like phone sex with me where I am totally getting off with you. Oh, and give the story a chance to develop. Let's yourself get a couple levels in to really reach the "meat" of the story. All endings are sure to satisfy.

I describe the choices at the end of the recording, but they are also linked below the pictures (in vague outline form so as not to give a way the whole story) for your ease in finding them. You can also preview a few of the recordings in the below player for free. They are just brief snippets to give you an idea of what I sound like and what my erotic stories are all about.
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Friday Night Bonfire Recordings and Mp3s


I need to be real careful not to spoil any surprises here, but Path 1 is an excellent choice, especially if you want to know what me and my barely legal teen friends do when it is just us girls. Listen to Path 1 recording or Download Path 1 Mp3. ***You must have flash working to download my MP3s automatically. The above slideshow is flash, so if you can see that you are good to download. If not, email me and I will give you another way to get my Mp3s***

To celebrate the New Year I am selling all 11 MP3s in my series for $20.11!!!

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Friday Night Bonfire Story Listings
Choice 1 and then,
Ending 1.1 OR Ending 1.2

Choice 2 and then,
Ending 2.1 OR Ending 2.2 OR Ending 2.3

Choice 3 and then,
Ending 3.1 OR Ending 3.2

If you don't care about spoilers, then click the following link for more details on all the choices in this erotic adventure:
All the Erotic Recordings and Mp3s