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IGNORE LINE!- Goddess Mara Ignores your dumb ass

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Hey losers!

You've reached my ignore line! This is where i will talk about whatever i want to talk about......or maybe i'll just ignore your dumb ass. If i'm in the can just sit there and listen to the water run hahahaha. If i'm out with my friends maybe i'll just put the phone down, tell them its just another idiot on the phone, and continue whatever it was we were doing. Maybe i'll be out with my boyfriend (A REAL MAN, LOSER) and tell you that you're just not worth my time. You'll be sitting there yearning for my attention while we laugh about how stupid you are. You could end up not even getting to hear this perfect voice say hello to you. Awww, poor loser! I guess you'll never know until you call.

The sad part is you LOVE being used by me. you're just THAT pathetic.

If i do have a conversation with you, know that we WONT be having phone sex or talking about any sort of situation where i would be submissive. I'm here to use, abuse, & humiliate! Be ready to fucking WORSHIP.