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Straight-laced church girl

I'm a nice, church going girl. You know the type.
Responsible. Thoughtful. Always pays her bills on time. That's who society wants....but that's not who I want to be!

If only people knew the thoughts that race through my head. The unexplored fantasies....the secret longings...I'm so ashamed! I know I should not have these thoughts, these needs...

Every night after my shower I stand looking at my naked body in mirror. I pour baby oil on my hands and let them roam over my body. Closing my eyes, I let the secret images come. What if my hands were not my own?

What if they were your strong, manly hands deliciously lingering over every curve? I imagine your tongue tantilizing, neck, my breasts, my navel...and I feel the heat rising as I imagine your mouth going lower still.

What would the weight of you on top me feel like? Where would your fingers explore? Tell me, teach me...although I'm shy I'm dying to know. To learn. What are the things I can do to please you? Can you guide my hands?

I await your call...and your instruction.