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I cuckold my hubby, mainly because he can't satisfy me. So I am on the lookout for the hottest fucks on the planet. Can you help out this sexually frustrated wetpussytastic dynamo? It's your duty as a good fuck to do so!

I lead a fairly normal seeming life, some would say perfect, and you know what? They are not far wrong. But it isn't perfect just for the reasons they think it is. Sure, hubby goes out to work all day and earns good money, whilst I stay at home, shop, and 'keep house'. But I also go out and fuck hung studs as often as I can! I suppose you could call me a cuckoldress. My cuckold hubby didn't know a thing about this, until recently, when he caught me at it.

He came home from work early, and caught me fucking some well hung big black cock in our marital bed! Lol, and I didn't feel guilty about it at all... it got me even hotter knowing he was watching! It was so funny. He screamed at me, “what the hell is going on”.

Rather then stop and get all apologetic, I told him to “shut the fuck up, and sit there, and watch whilst a real man fucks me!”. That was the HOTTEST fuck I had ever had. Hubby was squirming, and looked real uncomfortable at first. He got quite jealous! But the harder faster and deeper that big black cock fucked me, the harder hubbies cock got!

And so started my life as an official young cuckoldress. And so started his life as a cuckolded husband. There's no turning back now.

I have SOOOO many sexy cuckolding tales to tell. I was fucking men behind my husbands back for years, before I even knew what cuckolding was. And in our new life together as a cuckolding couple, I have so many experiences I want to try, and share with you. I also want to hear as many cuckolding stories as possible. I am on a mission to fuck as many guys as possible, and to make sure my cuckolded hubby hears (and even watches) all the hot details. I have even been thinking of making him my clean up slut. He is a good obedient hubby like that.

About me...

I am on a mission to fuck the biggest cocks on the planet, and make sure my cuckold husband knows all about it. I LOVE big cock. I only fuck big cock. The bigger the better. I am NOT interested in small cock losers, in fact, if you have a small cock, and you ring me, be damn sure I am going to tease you about it, and put you in your place! Small cock losers are only useful when licking up the hot sticky load from a big cock, direct from my pussy.

I want to share my new open cuckolding life with everyone because it's so damn hot! Check out my website and blog for my latest goings on.

I also want to hear from well hung studs, do you fancy fucking me hard, and making my hubby jealous? Call me! I'll have him gagged in the other room, whilst he listens to us getting hot and heavy. I sometimes make him watch me play with my pussy, and taunt him with it, but only if he has been REALLY good, LOL. Feel free to email my hubby and tell him just how much you enjoyed me – no need to feel guilty! He enjoys it.

You want to be a good cucky, don't you? Well I like nothing better than pampering myself before a hot date and having my cucked one paying for it! ;)