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you worm you know you Need to Worship Me...

Lady Jade ยง 1-800-TO-FLIRT ext. 03115399

I'm so bored!

Honestly can you fault me for being bored worm? It's not as if you've done much to try to catch my attention, you certainly haven't done much to earn or keep it.

Have you completed this weeks task?

Have you generously worshiped me today?

Have you sent me any gifts to show your devotion?

My Wish List

Have you proven your adoration?

Have you started down the path to becoming one of my little grubs??

At this rate you'll never earn the privilege of attempting to become one of my dear little tadpoles and eventually growing into one of my sweet, cherished little froggies. It's sad in a way, but mostly it's pathetic... but then, little worms do tend towards being pathetic don't they wormie?

Have you at least been a good little wanking wormie, clicking on the Stroke button

just as fast as you tug on that pathetic little dick, making sure to pay the Cum Fee

before you dare squirt that runny glob of worthless goo while thinking about just how little I care for how badly you need to cum?

For your sake... I hope you've been a good little wormie. In fact, I think you should call me right now to tell me if you've been a good or bad little worm, or are you still "too shy" to do so?

Maybe you're not too shy, you're just afraid you won't like my voice (as if that's possible...). I suppose I can understand that, after all there are a lot of different kinds of voices in the world, so I suppose I'll be nice and let you have a little taste.

There now, you have no more excuses you little worm, I've generously given you all kinds of ways to serve, adore and worship me... so don't keep me waiting.