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Ignore Line for Sad Little Losers

My name is Miss Makeru Misu. You'll call me Miss Makeru. Not that I'll respond. Why is that, loser? It's because this is my ignore line. Calling this line means 2 things: I'll pick up the phone. I'll sit it right back down. Go ahead and entertain yourself with the thought of possibly being able to talk to me; who knows, maybe your shouts of praise will be lame enough that I'll actually laugh into the receiver at you instead of from across the room.

Perhaps you're just some creepy fucktard who's dying to hear the voice that goes with my pictures. Or maybe you're just some sad little loser who can't afford to serve me.

Regardless, you'll get the gratitude of knowing that in some small way, I've noticed you, even though I don't care to acknowledge you. The anticipation of what you may or may not hear and the excitement of having your wallet drained by me is enough to make your pathethic little member rigid, isn't it?