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Ignore Line/Financial Domination


On this line, it's all about FINANCIAL DOMINATION. This means, I am only interested in your money, NOT you! Is that understood? The only way you are going to get My attention on this line is with your cold, hard cash.

If you have got your cash ready, get it out, get on your knees, and present it to Me. If you do not have any cash, then I guess you better get out there and work your little piggy ass off to make enough money to be able to afford Me.

If you tribute Me before calling Me, I might talk to you. It all depends on the tribute you send Me. If you do not send a tribute, or you send a measly one, then do not be surprised if all you get is the background noise on My end.

So little piggy...go oink, oink, oink all the way to My feet with your wallet and cash. And once there, I may treat you like the piggy you are.

What are you waiting for, piggy? Give Me a call NOW!!!

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