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Mistress Maria Martinet is a BDSM life-style dominant dame in the prime of her power and control. My desire for bondage, discipline, and sadism brings me to here. Where, I enjoy intimate conversations with submissive men, slaves, sissies, and cuckolds. Mistress Maria Martinet wants to subdue your body, then take over your mind, and finally own your spirit.

I consider it a real thrill to imagine how I might perform my favorite bondage on your limbs and balls. Once you are rendered helpless by my expert bondage, you can expect to feel the burn of my wooden spoon on your exposed butt, thighs, soles and palms! No, I won’t forget your dirty balls. Those hangers can expect special slapping, squeezing, clamping, binding, kicking and, perhaps even, burning or cutting! I really like cock and ball bondage, cock and ball torture, chastity, and castration fantasies. Your nipples are another of my favorite areas of interest. I have a myriad of clamps, needles, and suction toys that are sure to put you in your place.

Mistress Maria Martinet is a strict believer in domestic discipline. I love an ongoing journal such that there is a goal and accountability involved in your training. Despite the intense level of humiliation involved, you are required to confess your shortcomings. Then, ask for your punishment! It is a seductive and powerful ritual and the perfect way administrate you. But now, I have to make my own confession there is nothing like catching you red-handed in the act of disobedience—which (as you can well imagine) is met with the most swift and severe punishments!

Mistress Maria Martinet needs a masochist to play opposite her sadist. This Mistress wants to talk with sissy-sluts who need their holes filled. Maria Martinet wants you to call if you need a spanking I would like you to call me if you’re obsessed with your balls Hit the call button, if you need a wife to control and cuckold you.

I have a great deal of real life experience in the pain and management of slaves, bad-boys, faggot cock-suckers, and under endowed white husbands.

As an expert, Mistress Maria Martinet is an effective listener. Your call is specifically yours; geared and tailored to our mutual interests. My reactions are real! My interest is sincere. My cherished clients become close to me and stay with me. I, personally, don’t know a better testimony! Do yourself a favor and call me today and forever after.

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