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Your $$$ Make Me Want to Hurt You More!

Kiss Your $$$ Goodbye and MY Ass Hello!

You are weak. The time is now. My brand of financial domination will plunge you into an abyss of debt and a black hole of despair. Unlike other girls who see this as a penny ante game, taking $20 here or there from a worthless males such as yourself, I see this as my entitlement.

If you are used to playing the cheapskate games with other flirts, you might as well hit your back button now. My rates are high because I expect only the best for my time. I deserve nothing less. I will not drop them down to accommodate the poor. It would be a waste of my precious breath. I want to hit you hard, hit you fast, and gloat in the knowledge that you are suffering financial ruin that prior to speaking to me was only imagined and fantasized about.

This is not a game to me. I expect you to be destitute when I am through. Anything less would be unacceptable. When you are finally in the poorhouse, you will no longer be of use to me. I often tell my "clients" that they need to keep working hard at whatever they can to continue the "relationship"


  • Do you have a job? Get another!
  • Do you own your home? Sell it or get a second mortgage!
  • Do you own a car? Sell it and ride the bus!
  • Do you have a family? Not for long! You will not be able to support them!

I do not care about your cock size. Two inches or ten inches is the same when it comes to you. Only the size of your bank account matters. Oh, and unlike cocks, I want your account to shrink as my gets larger and larger.

For now, you need not know my name. Just refer to me as Goddess D.

Lose Your Shirt Like This Loser

This is important. I expect gifts and tributes along with my calls. I update my Amazon list daily. Can't call because you are working so hard to make my money? Buy a gift. That is the rule.My Wish List