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Sexy Samantha 4 U

Sexy She-Male Samantha Loves to get WILD!!!!

Looking for a hot, wild, no taboos role play? If so, I'm the perfect t-girl for you! I have a great imagination and I love to get WILD! Maybe you enjoy getting dressed up too! I love the feeling of a hard cock in satiny panties, of course, that's probably why I wear satin panties! My 8 inch cock is ready to throb for you! I'm up for just about anything!

I'm a sensual switch, I love being both on top and on bottom! I'm tear that ass of yours open if you'll let me or I can take it nice and slow. Maybe you'd like to suck on my cock to get my throbbing 9 inches inside of your mouth. Maybe you're up for a 69 until we fuck the hell out of each other all night long. I've got fairly small hands and I wouldn't mind using them on you in every way possible! Give Samantha a call and I'll take good care of you while you take care of me. I can be your neighbor, your nurse, your naughty professor who everyone thinks is too strict, just name it and I'm game! Like to get a little kinky? Grab the handcuffs and the toys and let's get started!

Are you man enough to suck my cock so that I'm hard enough to fuck that tight little ass of yours? My cock is dripping pre-cum just thinking about violating the ass and mouth of a stranger. I can't wait to make you into my little bitch.

I'm a special girl who loves to be treated like a lady in public and be the dominant bitch in the bedroom.


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I like to be in control. I like for men to cater to my will. I want you to suck my cock and get me hard while I take a riding crop to your tight ass to get it all red for me before I violate it.

Once I've beaten your ass a bit, I want to grab you by the hair and shove your face all the way down on my cock, I want to be buried in your throat, feel your throat contracting on the head of my long, thick member.

When I violate that tight little asshole of yours, making my Man-Pussy yours MINE I may want your wrists handcuffed behind your back almost to serve as the reins while I ride your ass to my release.

So, get on your knees slave boy and get ready to worship this Goddess. Serve me and pleasure me and maybe I'll let you get off too.

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This tranny girl is just what you need. I've got the best of both worlds - amazing tits you may get to suck on and a great cock with nine inches and I have a very short refractory period. I'm a top who loves to have a good time. Cum worship me.

Another thing I really enjoy is foot worship. My former submissive/fiancé had a foot worship and got me to the point of literally having orgasmic feet. I don't always cum from foot worship, but it's something I really enjoy and my feet at very sensitive. If you're really good you may get to lick my cum up off of my feet.


Breath play through hood photos of submissive

Photos 1-5 sets of sissy slut in latex catsuit, corset and 8" ballet boots!


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Using my fingers to get my submissive ready for my cock and more! - VERY HOT XXX

Pictures of me Caning combo sets 1 and 2

Caning set 1

caning set 2

corset, latex catsuit, ballet boots set 1

Corset, latex Catsuit, Ballet Boots set 2

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