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VR Summer

+Brand New+ VR Digital Girl

**If you are unsure about my direction, have questions, inquiries or just want to say hi first, send me an email! I may just surprise you with my thoughts**

O hai ^^ Im VR Summer your Digital Girl. Why a Digi-girl? Well for the mere fact I love the online world and all the imagination and creativity that comes with it. Im not here to sell my real life looks, or invade real life space, our minds are the most powerful, and erotic part of ourselves and that is what I want to experience with you.

I am a neko, cat girl, a digital princess, a spoiled brat, mouthy bish, sweet, innocent, sinful and sexy in my online persona, but the fun part is that I have a very real voice. The perfect blend, virtual mixed with a real voice, what more can you netgeeks want?

About me: I have been online since 1995, starting with WBS chatting, and found many different connections. After that I became a g33k gam3rz grrl, playing many different online games. M59, UO, EQ,CoH,SWG,WoW, and I still game. *waiting for Diablo3!* I love the online world, in all aspects, and have had many hot text sex in various games *grin* Im hooked, I admit on detailed text sex.

I got a mail, asking am I too scared to show my "real" face and am I too ugly. This is not the case at all. I am showcasing my fantasy character. VR Summer is very real in the aspect she has my personality, I give her life in the digital world. She is hot, sexy, and loves to pose in all sorts of outfits. This is not so different than the other women, except that she is purely virtual visually.

Take a step into something different with me, and give me a call. Im intelligent, creative, artistic, and love to laugh, be sexy, and really desire different experiences!

VR Summer

  • Like hot text sex?
  • Like dirty emails?
  • Like phone calls in the dark and dreaming about another world?
  • Like hentai, anime, manga? Tell me all about your fantasies!
  • Like to confess all your dirty little secrets? Im your VR Girl to listen and keep your confidentiality.
  • Want to show me the way into your mind? I'm here for you babiez *purrz*
  • Want a girl to call just to talk about your day?
  • Want a girl to dominate or be dominated by, call me up!
  • If you are really good, i'll tell you what desires, fetishes and fantasies I have.

Mmmm I'm brand new, fresh n' clean for experiences with you and Im just a phone call away. Dont want to call? Well my mail is a fantasy world on its own. Try it out, send me a mail and we'll see where it takes us!

Mwah <3 Summer