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Welcome slave. you have begun your voyage into servitude where you will worship, obey and adore Me, you have come here because you know your place in this world underneath a Beautiful, Powerful Superior.
You crave Queens power, the power that you live for, born to serve, born to please, born to live for Me.
Without this power you are Nothing, you may try to run from it you may try to make it go away but you will find yourself returning here, you cannot fight the fact you were born to serve, no matter how much you try to conceal your submissive need, the need to drop to your knees before Me, Weak and powerless, hanging on to Queens every word/request, hoping so desperately you are pleasing Queen.
It is automatic to you, it is not optional you will devote to Me, you will worship and adore Me, you will live to please Me, you have found your purpose in this world, QueenDesires.

QueenDesires demands, and will wrest from you, complete obedience and adoration. You will devote yourself to Her service, Her demands, Her desires. You will deprive yourself – starve if necessary – and deny Her nothing. You will be Her toy, to play with or be destroyed, at Her whim.
I DO NOT NEED your Money I simply Adore taking it leaving you without a pot to piss in.
Now get to your knees and Tribute to Queen, your new Owner your reason for existence, I am your World, you will do all that you can to please Queen, working your fingers to the bone to open your wallet to Queen, thats a good little slave!