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I want you to hear my utter advice on dressing, how I go about teaching YOU to be the utter sissy, fun adult roleplay, my sissy there you are, and I wish you to listen! I have msny talents and long time in experience in this and will tell you exactly what to do. (You can always say "It's too much! Or can we stop now?- and that is okay! If it is NOT FUN it is NOT forth doing!)

Let ME teach you, lil sissyGirl-Man how to be a gorgeous Woman in play! Want to go shopping? I can be OH SO WICKED in playfullness and OH SO sweet, it is a tossed up and YOU, you dear wannabe femmes are YOU ready for me? I can take anyone, anytime, write me for an appointment with 24-72 hours, with DATE, Time Zone, as in CentralTime, Eastern time, MT and PT my time is CT -1 hour from NYC! I travel A LOT! IF you are good, regular customers of mine, with the understanding that the word "Mistress" like "Master" IS EARNED, I will undertake a short or long journey with you! I am excellent at what I do, accessable, real and Full of understanding for Yours and ESPECIALLY MY Needs, wishes and desires, may you call me. Ms. Vixen first.
*BIG BEAUTIFUL SMILE" I DO~!!! I Love Crossdressers only tied for First with Bondage and Discipline, it Rocks MY Glamourous world, and MY Utter desire to CREATE what you are affraid of, but WANT to badly, you can barely speak to ME when you call! BUT CALL! NOW< Make an appointment by writing, IF you wish FIRST.

Do you have a sexy Woman's catalogue? Need help choosing WHAT to WEAR, I can bring you there. From Wigs or hairstyles, to dresses, undergarments, corsetry, and real STYLE of any movie star you love, working with YOUR body, and most of all your HEART. I think that Sissygurls are perhaps my most favorite of all, though I love every aspect of KINK, pretty much. Get your Catalogues and Notebooks ready! There IS homework and make sure NOTHING will distract you as this IS MY TIME with YOU!- I spent much time recording this, detailed, erotic, subtle, and succinct, to the point, HOW TO dress for me. I "lead" the Dance of US always! Start NOW! Take a chance if you are New. I want you. Be mine is not a Valentine but MY DESIRE, speak to it at 1-800-To-Flirt and my extension. After scheduling the appointment, then call. Tell me when, what day hour time zone, and of course how long, and pre-pay via Tribute to state your desire to be sincere.

I can build and CREATE you into the woman you wish to be! I am an Artist, let Me design you my beautiful woman to be!
I understand, IF YOU DON'T, WHY you wish to wear woman's clothing, or undergarments(call Me on a phone listing to talk about it, I DO care! IT IS MY PLEASURE THAT IS PLEASED!!..) .... -- soft tender smile) I work with TGirls, CrossDressers, and TransGenders
Here is where you make a start! Let ME talk to you here on this Recording, then, when you are ready, CALL me! Just hit this LINK to get all my Profiles!
Click here for all my listings! ,/a. I Hope to get a letter and a dedicated, "I wish to speak to you _______ and TELL ME when dawlin" I am waiting.

------------------------------------------------------- THE PRICE OF MY LISTING ARE CHANGING to ACCOMIDATE ACTUAL MINUTES, the More SCHEDULED, the lower the FEE, one time where you HANG UP RUDELY, I coldlist you and go on.

I CAN BE Generous to those who HAVE and ARE generous to me! I NEVER WANT OR WISH MONEY TO GET IN THE WAY OF CALLS! - THEMistressVixen - Statement of thoughts-July 2008 ------------------------------------------------------------

Ladies to be, do GET A PEN AND PAPER READY! Get your sexy catalogues ready to play, role-play with me at MY guidance, YOU who wish to be a Sissy under MY Tuteledge! I will make you a Lady, then a whore and sexy/sensual Sissy goddess under Me, Your Mistress to BE. READ it all.

Go to my Website here to CALL me after you savour the details In Me and MAKE THE APPOINTMENT-24-78 hours in advance, unless I happen to be on, Title it as -I a one of SissyTraining and in person is exquisitely delightful. I will find your INNER Woman and teach HER! I will dress you and........... GET READY TO LISTEN TO MY VOICE OF GOLD, then be ready to write! You may want to listen to the erotica and reality of it more than once!



MORE TO COME, written desires to listen to, mail me now!

How to serve a Mistress is part of this Part TWO as a "Woman learn how to evolve" into serving a Mistress?

Toy training is elsewhere.

High Heel, Foot and Stocking Worship is another recording.

Give me your Cash you piggie and Feed MY EXPENSIVE life in Domination, NOW is another Thing!

Objectification is YET another.

Stay focused on that.

Serving a Mistress- Protocols, Manners and forms of address Training.

Being a Real life Submissive, how to see a Professional in a Real Dungeon? is another goal.

My Darling Girlz to be, Kisses,THEMistressVixen