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It's real simple. You were never meant to be an alpha male. You have worn panties and your dick got hard the second you slipped into their lacey folds. At that moment you proved to yourself that you could never be a man. That moment cannot be wished away. It is an eternal part of who you really are. You cannot look at yourself in the mirror the following day and say, "Oh, I didn't really get excited." Instead, you know in your heart that, at that moment, you permanently emasculated yourself.

Call me and confess your submissive womanhood. I will understand. I will share with you all my many experiences of feminizing, sissifying, and emasculating submissive pussy gals just like you. You will wear your panties, keep you little penis tucked away, pretend it's a clit, and rub it through the panties onto the pillow, humping like a gal, until you wet your panties like a good little subbie.

Confess all your secret wishes: strap on training, emasculation, full dress up with a wig and lipstick, sucking on a dildo while me and my girlfriends watch, teasing and humiliating you. Tell me how it feels to be a secret sissy. Beg for my strap on, squeeze your titties, take your hormones and watch your breasts grow. Come shopping at Victoria’s Secret, while I whisper to the salesgirls about your little secret.

Small penis, little dick sissies are especially welcome, as are forced cocksucking pussy gals and cuckold wankers. Whisper your secret to me and then I will take you on a feminization fantasy beyond your wildest dreams.

I am a highly experienced Domme who has emasculated many submissives in my personal and professional life. I don't yell or scream; I take you there through s form of sensual domination that will melt your defenses and intoxicate you into a complete surrender of any masculine illusions you may continue to harbor. Slip on your nightie, your bra, your panties, your pantyhose, lube up your pussy hole, and call. My strap on awaits you. I don't really know why they call it forced feminization, because once I'm in control, it doesn't really take much persuading, does it?