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Pimped by my wife to other men and women

When we got together everything was normal but it wasn't too long into the relationship that things started to change. The things she wanted and wanted me to do for her started getting more and more extreme. I am not sure where She took control but her we are years later.

Poor Little Thing Listen To Him Cry...LOL!

Hey Gang!

Sabrina Ray here. Let me tell you about our little play toy. No he was not always this submissive little limp dick, cum slut. In fact when we met he was a real hard tuff ass. It take lots of work on my part to make him into a little pig I could be proud of and my work goes on.

Bottom line is I love to fuck!!!! Real men with real hard cocks. While Im out with my boys getting my pussy filled for hubby to eat I just cat leave him sitting around watching! No, he needs someone to use him...HARD! After all thats what I made him for. I found this place and knew that this would be the perfect place to keep him well used by Other Men as well as In Control Females. Make his ass sore for me ok?...HeeHee!I love to hear him whimper whens hes licking me clean

What's on Cam ?

He has been told to do what ever you want him to. Thats right! I have taken the word NO from his vocabulary. Hes yours to use for your pleasure.

Hey if you just want to talk? Thats fine

But do you want to talk dirty? You two can talk as dirty as you want.

Maybe you want to talk about the things I make him do? He will tell you all about it.

Maybe you want fantasize about me doing them to you as well? He can fill you in.

Do you have a fantasy? Any Fantasy? Hes yours to use to fulfill it. Whatever you want!

My laundry basket is always full of dirty socks and cum filled panties. Make him wear then for you or make him suck them clean if you like. I now I do. He has been taught to suck very well.

Make him play with his limp little cock for you.

Cam comes right from his bathroom, shower fun with the high pressure water device?

Kinky? My make up and nail polish are right on the counter

AND PLEASE IF YOU WISH....My toy box full of HUGE toys are at your disposal. Make him use them for you! Open him up in ways I have not yet tried!!

Have something special in mind? Just send a note and tell me

Want him to wear something or use something special? Again just send a note and I will tell you where to send it.

yahoo chat is used for video