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SPECIAL RATE...GFE...Relax and Unwind

Hello, my name is Elena and I was wondering... Are you into someone who's a great listener and can just help you relax and unwind? Perhaps you need that person you can tell your secrets to...well, you should rest assured that your secrets are safe with me. I am an intelligent woman who loves to learn about people, I find that taking the time to get to know someone no matter what medium one might use; is always worth it. I like to slow down and find out what can make a person tick just so that if you decide to take it to the next level we are both absorbed in the pleasure and not just in the hurried "oh I hope you like this" kind of hectic happenings that can go on.

Here is a little bit of information about me, I am a college student in the Midwest. I used to dance I was in ballet for 13 years and absolutely loved it but I am currently not studying ballet in school due to a physical setback with my ankles. I am looking forward to getting my Bachelor of Arts and then going on to get a Master's and finally my PhD. I am not able to state what I am studying inside the html coding so unfortunately if you want to know what I am studying then you will have to ask me. I'm very athletic I love basketball, baseball, football, soccer and lacrosse. I know, those last two are sports that are rarely found in the Midwest but I am originally from New England and those two sports were rather high on the athletic scale there.

I am very open-minded as far as what a person would like to speak about, it is always up to you the direction the conversation goes in. In all honesty I've always approached life and the people I meet with the most open-minded policy I can find and that is truly who am I to judge you and turn your likes into something negative? I am absolutely no one but another human being whose likes or dislikes can be just as easily judged. I love people and I love talking with people and engaging them in conversations which they enjoy because when you are truly enjoying yourself it is obvious. That way I am able to not only enjoy the conversation itself but also able to enjoy you.

You should call some time just to chat and if you so desire we can take it to the next level very easily. I'm here to take the time to get to know you and what you like for your enjoyment more than anything else. Some days it helps to slow down and relax.

I know, no flashy advertisement, it comes from being more Historically inclined my sense of programming is still stuck somewhere in the 1900's perhaps you could help me out with that!


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