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For those that need someone to talk to

I am the person everyone I know goes to to when they have any problems. I decided that I would allow people to call who just need someone to talk to. Regardless of venting, relationship woes, sex woes, any woes I am able to listen, and listen well while helping as best as possible. Even if you just want to talk about anything this is the line for you. Its amazing the relief you get from venting to an unbiased person who will not judge you. I promise at the end of the conversation you will feel much better and more confident. I will also be available if you need to arrange a call at a special time just message me and we will figure out a time. I have other lines if you want phone sex. This is only for those who need someone to talk to. I will not judge you but hopefully I can help you. It can be anything from your day at work, to your pet, to whatever you chose and this also gives you a chance to see if you like me enough to call my sex line. I am a nice, real, girl next door. I hope to get your call, theres nothing I love more than chatting with someone, getting to know them, and helping them. 1 -800-TO-FLIRT ext02973923
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A little about me: I rescue animals, basically my house is like a shelter minus any government support or donations. You can always find me with a bottle hand feeding a puppy or a kitten and even sometimes I get baby ferrets! I love to read, take pictures, and do Sudoku. I am currently reading a book on the Ice Man and its extremely interesting, very hard to put down! I would recommend it! I want to be a teacher, preferably kindergarten or first graders. I am 5'8, 125lbs, green eyes, blonde hair.

this is not a phone sex line guys, I have one and be more than happy to chat with you on that line