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Blue balls courtesy of Mistress Kiara

Mistress Kiara

It is your most carnal instinct... your most human need... Sexual pleasure. If I take that away from you, then I completely own your existence. Teasing, cum denial, orgasm control, cock control, chastity, call it what you will, it is My favorite form of Domination and control!

created on: 07/27/10created on: 07/27/10

I want to hear you moan for Me while I tease and torture you for My own sadistic pleasure! Beg Me to let you cum, but will I..? You'll have to appease Me... you will stroke until your cock is literally dribbling precum without release. Do everything I say and maybe I'll let you cum - but after this torture, will you really want to?


My favorite way to play by far is chastity. I want to literally own your only way to escape... I love to put you in a CB3000 or whichever chastity device you have, lock you up, and take that key. you'd be shocked at how many of your 'hard limits' turn soft and pliable when you're unable to cum without pleasing your Goddess...

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