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EXPERIENCE THE REAL THING. Take your time, clear your mind, and we're going to take a little journey together, you and I. Potent REAL hypnosis unlocking your sexuality completely - laying you bare and unedited before me. Putting you in my control? If you dare - let's discuss it.

I am called many things. Goddess. Mistress. Exceptional. Brilliant.

I am beautiful the way the high Himalaya or the Arctic circle is beautiful. It is not for everyone. For those who are called to it – there is nothing else.

Start your descent deep into your submissive urges. There’s a place in your mind, where you are closed off from the outer world, hidden from everyone else. Your intimates, your associates, your family – nobody knows about it. Nobody knows about it. Until now

How I became an Hypnotic Mistress.

I am not new to SM. For as long as I can remember, the lure of power dynamics has made my blood run quite a bit hotter. There is nothing as romantic or as moving to me as “let me suffer for you.” There is nothing as fueling to the adrenaline as the heat of humiliation, punishment, the thrill of a sexual dare. Unlike most women, I vastly prefer to be the one to DO and not to have done to me. You can examine it, analyze it, worry about it, and try to change it, but at the end of the day it boils down to “baby, that’s how I roll.”

My Hypnosis – intimate – powerful and unique.

I’ve said this elsewhere, but everything that I like about rope bondage finds its counterpart in fetish hypnosis. It can be quiet and artful, romantic and sensual, or terrifying and sadistic. It can be a high risk activity, and it can be remarkably safe and comfortable if you want it to be. I invite you to explore the inside of your mind, and find it a very addictive, very artful and very intense place to be with me.

Take a look around. Try an mp3, listen to the samples – I’m proud of my work and you won’t find anything rushed out or poor quality – an hypnotic mp3 by me presents hours of work – ALL done by me, with the exception of music – and even then, I do play with loops and use ableton to compile my own work. I love getting phone calls from those who have taken the time to read my sites carefully, who understand that they are in for a truly unique experience.

What can I expect from an hypnosis session with you?

The way that I do my sessions requires 20 minutes at minumum. I’m happy to discuss trance with you, I’m happy to answer questions for less time, but trying to actually put you into a trance in under 20 minutes is pretty much pointless for both of us. The exception might be someone I’ve trained extensively and have set up a number of foundational suggestions with – in that case inductions can sometimes be very short, but for the vast majority of people an induction alone is about ten minutes. Ten very pleasurable minutes.

Induction, I think I’ve heard of that…

Classically, hypnotic trance is divided into distinct phases. Induction relaxes the individual, or confuses him, or overloads his mind, in such a way that trance is induced. Deepening encourages him to go deeper into trance, where inhibitions are relaxed, and states of amnesia and out-of-body feelings are often reported, Suggestion is then introduced, in which the hypnotist deals with suggested behaviors, behavioral shifts, thought pattern shifts, or rich visualizations which seem particularly vivid in the trance-state, Anchoring briefly reinforces suggestion, and then the subject is brought back to Awake. You can expect this approach most of the time, and the suggestions are really up to you to some extent. I’m happy to work with people who just want to experience a deep and relaxing trance, no other suggestions than you feeling better than you did before and refreshed. This is actually one of my most popular requests – a lot of people simply like a female voice relaxing them blissfully.