Phone Sex

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I want to know everything about you and more...


There isn't much to learn from just a few typed words on some page on the net.

We both know to really get to know someone you have to talk, spend some face time looking and seeing each other.
Thats how you truly get to know who you're dealing with.
I like the big picture, the full story, and the truth
I cannot be bought with fancy words and promises.
I demand tangible proof of your devotion, or the promises you make.
I love to be spoiled, but so many losers don't know how to spoil a girl, I offer lessons for those of you too stupid to have learned how to properly spoil a girl in your life!
I don't just want to rob you blind, I'm the type of woman that likes to intricately become involved and entwined in all that is you, and the life you live, the businesses you run, I like to be in it all.

A true woman knows once she has her man, she need not ask, she need not do anything but offer counsel in matters that make or break her financial security while in your life.

Now I do understand there are some trust fund babies out there, that like a good financial whipping, I welcome them too. I am however, smart enough to know, you immature boys run off after your first good licking.

I like to keep my sites attention, and majority of time invested in men, that know what I want without me having to ask it.
I also love you older men that call up and have no issue asking for something specific.
This can be a short term game, long term game, or you never know, you just might fall for me in the process... And then you'll really be in trouble, without even knowing it.

I would enjoy getting to know you and hearing all about you, we can play raise the rate if you want, we can even get on skype, or we can just keep it simple and to the phone.
But know that although I love all aspects of this and love to take everything from weak weak weak men...
I also enjoy the men who simply want to spoil a woman who builds them up over time and makes them more powerful, but as this happens becomes such an integrated part of your heart, decisions and business, that one day you realize I do control and own everything, and can take it all away, but instead sits by as you work so hard, not having to struggle a day again in my life...
I love getting on skype, I love doing a but of everything! Lets have some fun! br>
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