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All About Eve

Pay to be IGNORED! Evie ignores you...

Yup. I'm adorable. Completely and totally, and you can NEVER have me! Lucky boy~you've found your way into MY world! Where, in case you hadn't guessed already, it's ALL about ME. I'm a hot lil blonde Princess, and you're a pitiful loser who has to pay for the privilege of even thinking about me. Aren't you? *laughs softly*

This is an IGNORE line, loser. You're not worth my time, so I refuse to talk to you, or even acknowledge your existence. You'll call and spend your money, and I'll go about my day. Talking to my friends, shopping online, making plans to fuck my boyfriend, typing on the computer... You know. The usual. But of course, I'll be draining your account while I do it. *Giggles* You'll give me all your money before you even know what happened. And all the while, I'll be *giggling* my cute lil ass all the way to the bank. I'm going to OWN you...and you're going to fucking love it. LOL! Call me now!

And even if you're too scared to call, you wanna make me happy, don't you? GOOD. Start here.

$50** $100** $200** $400**$999**Wishlist**

After you're done impressing me, call me now! And remember, it's ALWAYS all about ME.

Humiliation Challenge - $15

What a REAL man thinks of YOU, loser! - $15

In bed, waiting for a REAL man! (3/$10)

Sexy lil ME by the pool in My bikini. (3/$10)

MORE bikini tease (3/$10)

TOTAL Princess worship!!

All sets are 3/$10....except Princess Worship, which is whatever price I decide on on any given day. :) Worship me, adore me, buy my stuff.

*What I do when I spot a cuckold bitch*

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