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Dirty VondaJ

~~My Husband's 4 Inch Dick Is Just NOT Enough!~~

I'm a woman who has come a very long way concerning my constant thirst for
Big...Thick...Juicy Cock. I can never get enough and I figure I (as every other woman as well.)
should be able to indulge in as much good hard fucking as I so please. I was married at 19 years
old to a man almost 30 years my senior. A sweet virgin on my wedding night, not knowing the joys
of having a hard cock much longer and much more desireable than my husbands pitiful 4 inch
cocklett. LOL! The best thing I ever did was to start fucking one of his friends that he invited
regularly over for poker night behind his back. Then after receiving that big 9 inches worth of
beautiful black meat I was hooked and could NOT get enough. PERIOD! I was a full fledged
nymphomaniac and I had to have cock inside of my hungry and constantly dripping cunt every
single day and did not care how I got it. The reason I have come a long way is simply because
for years I did this behind my husbands' back. But now it is no secret at all. He knows very well
that that tiny little raisin between his legs that he once had the audacity to refer to as a dick
serves absolutely NO purpose to me. He knows full well what his role is in this marriage. What is
his role? To be my little cuckolded wimp is what. I love fucking over him and all other subservient
males that could not satisfy a woman even if their very lives depended on it. I not only LOVE it
but I LIVE it.

One or more applies to you. You've more than likely never had much luck with women
at all. And I'm quite sure that you've never even had the nerve to approach a beautiful woman as
myself out of fear of being shot down. The reason for this is simply because of all of the things
you lack. You may lack looks, sex appeal, personality, wealth, self esteem, and the list goes on
and on and on. If you were lucky enough to get a woman's attention be it that you actually
are a great looking guy, are successful, great personality, etc... You still don't have what
it takes to satisfy a woman thoroughly. You have a teeny tiny microscopic sad excuse
for a "dick-tac", you can't fuck to save your life, or you cum in under 3 minutes. Or
even worse. Maybe you cum before you can even get your undies off. LOL! Or could it just
be that your used to being in charge and the little bitch in you is just begging to come
out? This describes only a few of your many flaws. But not to fear darling. Your life
can serve a purpose. You can be a part of a beautiful flawless woman's life. Are you
ready to take your place as a cuckold and do all of the things expected of you? Well then...
be a good boy and accept your role in this life. Pitiful Prickletts have their places too.

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