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"Serve Me You Stupid Fuck Tard"

That's about the dorkiest thing I have ever heard someone say. You want cheese like that, then you can go somewhere else to find it.

I like to play with men. I have several real life men who spoil me. Some of them get to fuck me, some just get to spend their money on me. Some men just have that "use me" tone in their voice, it's almost like they were meant to be mine to do with what I want.

I will fuck with your head... hee hee... both of them, isn't that what it's there for? I love the mind screw part of financial domination. I may sound like a sweet co-ed, but your checking balance will certainly tell you other wise. I will pout, tease, torment, love, giggle and sweet talk the money right out of your wallet.

I want you to love me, I want you to please me, and pretty much... I know it sound cliche... but I get what I want. I am not going to force domme you into anything... I will mind fuck you out of anything I want... you won't even know it's happening most the time.

If you need proof I get what I want, just simply look at my amazon wish list... drop down to purchased at the top of the list, then update... and you will see... I am completely spoiled! I get cash when I want, presents when I want, and I get to tease you, whenever I want... hee hee.

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