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Temptress Kristie

Financial BRAT ready to take all your CASH!!!

I LOVE to be spoiled by My losers who have BIG wallets with tiny little cocks attached, hehehe so amusing! I like pay piggies, human atms, humiliating the shit out of you, giggling at you, controlling your orgasm, booby boys, feminization, cuckolding

First things first-I do NOT like you and I never will,so dream on loser! That is why you pay for My attention.I DON'T like disobedience, dishonesty, disrespect and boys who just wish to please themselves. That does NOT fly in My world loser.

Number 1 rule: Pleasing Me pleases you. That is your ultimate goal. Once I am satisfied and pleased, so are you. Got it? Good.

My time is extremely valueable - do not waste it. I am Superior, Sexy, and Smart. I am always above you and always will be. You are nothing to Me. When you call Me you will have no control at all, not over your stupid little excuse for a cock, not over your brain, NOTHING. You are Mine for as long as you wish to be - and that is an honour, don't ever forget that. Your money will be raped from you and used as I please. Taking your "hard earned money" while I relax in My lavish lifestyle is what puts a smile on My face - and that is your goal, loser. I better always have a smile on My face and you will make that happen. Never forget I am your one and only, and no one except Me can put you into the mindfucked state that your little brain is going to be in. Eventually, you won't even be able to get hard unless you are thinking of Me and speaking to Me and tributing Me the way I deserve.

If you are too scared to even speak to Me you can call Me and I will ignore you entirely while I drain away your money and you worship My breath. You are to remain on your hands and knees calling from below at All times with your wallet in your mouth and that infact is all your pathetic mouth is good for HAHAHA! Do not ever think that you will be anything more to Me than just MY little piggy bank.. understood? Good.

I do not care about your wife, your personal problems, how fucked you are going to be for money if you send Me more, how many days you are going to have to go without eating, none of it! I do NOT care so do not waste My time with bullshit you will simply be hung up on and left to lust for the only thing that put meaning to your life. You are nothing without Me, loser.

I am a Princess and deserve to live the life accordingly, and you cash cow - will make that happen, right? *batts eyelashes* hehehe

I have many bills that need to be paid and who better to pay them then a useless imbecile like yourself… now pick up that phone piggy and start begging to serve…

And do not worry loser, I will never ever allow you to forget your place and role in My life.

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