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I'll never understand why some guys always play out of their league. Guys like you know EXACTLY what they deserve. They want the best and when they finally find it...they always stick around, no matter the costs...

You understand me better than anyone else. You know that I need to be pampered and have the best of everything and you do it all sooo well!!

How many girls have boyfriends who help them get ready for a night out with their best friend? Me!

What type of guy gives their girlfriends the keys to their car AND waits patiently for her and whoever else to come back? Mine!

All of my girlfriends are so jealous that you are so cool about the fact that almost ALL of my best friends are guys. There aren't too many guys who'd be ok with that... Sometimes, I have a little too much fun while I'm out and one of my new friends might have to drive me back to your house. He stays over because you don't want Me to leave you alone and, well, I don't want him to leave..

I love how you always go out of your way to make sure everyone's comfortable and having a great matter what.

You understand that I'm young and I need my space sometimes...alot! Sometimes we break up...a lot, but I know you're always going to be there.

Random vacations with my best friends and you waiting patiently to hear My voice so you know EXACTLY how much fun we're having.

Sexy clothes and shoes to let all those other guys know just how lucky you are. You love the fact that I'll always bring you back a "treat" matter what!

Every couple needs a reminder of why they stay together...

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