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The Ultimate Humiliation-You Are Dommed by a Sub

The Ultimate Humiliation ~ You Are Topped By A Sub

You wimpy pussy boys make me sick.  
I am a submissive slut by nature
and love a strong man to take care of me, get me hot and keep me in line.

But as soon as I put my listings on NiteFlirt, I got tons of calls from pathetic submissive loser wimps.  You think it is soooo hot to be dommed by a submissive girl - the ultimate submission.

Well, here's your chance losers.  Wimps like you could never take care of a girl like me.  And you could never satisfy me with your tiny dicks and whiny girly attitudes!

But, I AM going to take your money and have some fun laughing at you.  Normally, I am sweet and will do anything to please.  But I will NEVER be a hot dripping slut for you.  This time, YOU will be punished just for being you - a weak, wimpy. micro dicked loser!!
So many of you called my submissive listings.  I can't believe how many dorks deserve to be laughed at and abused.

So start dialing, pussies.  Because submissive wimps will never be men.  
You will never be able to satisfy someone like me.  
You deserve to be humiliated and I will enjoy putting you in your places.

Kiss My Ass, Wimp
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Call to be humiliated, disrespected and laughed at by SubmissiveCelia
1-800-ToFlirt, ext. 02873521

Submissive slut turns the table on pathetic wimpy losers.  
How humiliating for you.  Inferior to a submissive slut and paying for my abuse!
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