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Erotic Cabaret

Need to confess? Need advice? Tell me your story

Have a confession? I do.

Hi, I'm Sasha.

I'm young, with an old soul, and pass no judgments. We've all had our sins, our pitfalls, our problems, our betrayals. I know the weight of holding it all in, and I know how destructive that can be.

I'm here, so you don't have to hold it all in.

.Need to confess? I'm here. Just want to tell your story, with the confidence that no one else will ever have to know? I'm here. Need some advice from a veteran of bad decisions and being betrayed, from someone who has seen rock bottom and understands? I'm here.

I'm also here to give you a voice in the dark, one that knows how it is. I'll tell you my story, if that's what you need to hear.

I don't pass judgment. Have a secret fetish you don't understand? You can tell me. Told a lie, cheated on your spouse, fell off the wagon? I won't look down on you for it. We've all been in those places, and I'm here to help pull you through them

No subject is taboo, but keep in mind this is not a sex line. We can talk about sex, you can be as explicit as you need, but this isn't about getting off. There are plenty of places for that. This is about confession, and understanding.

Hope to talk with you soon.