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Wow, I am so hot, so superficial, and a total brat...Fuck, I love myself!!!  Welcome to the only page on niteflirt that matters!  MINE!!  I am called many many things and nice is not wone of them. I get called a bitch a lot, called a brat, stuck up. I guess I am all those things, but unlike other whores...I CAN BE! I see these snobby whores at stores or t.v and I think, they have no right to be a snobby bitch, their just not hot enough. I love mind fucking guys to get what I want from them. Really when you think about it, all that matters is my happiness, and if it takes using you to get there...then saddle up babe, and get that credit card out. I am a totally bossy princess..I am THE LAST princess you will ever serve, so you can stop looking now. I love having people buy me things off my amazon gift list. If you want it, then ask for it! I just might send it to you anyway, if I want something.

I love guys with money, guys who make long calls, guys who dote over me, treat me like a princess, serve me, cum eaters, sissies, bitches, Cum sucking whores, fetish and no taboo subjects, all types of domination. I'm in to it all babe, trust me...I have heard it all and enjoy it all.

Some of the things I can't stand are fat whores, I CAN'T stand fat women! I mean get on a treadmill fat ass! They really couldn't live up to my standards. I can't stand guys who call and spend 3 mins jacking off and then hang takes 3 minutes just to say hello, so if your going to get off in 3 minutes don't even bother calling me. I can't stand guys who don't know what they want, so if your calling and your just going to twiddel your thumbs making me guess what the hell it is that you want..Don't fucking call either, I'm not a mother fucking mind reader.

Some things about me: I'm a vegeterian, Peta member, Lifestyle domina, real life domina in Nevada, 23, love the color pink, random gossip, and HUGE cocks!

Call me for the best phone fuck you've ever had, or go ahead and call one of the other fat whores realize they suck ass, and then call me.