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Master Steven

Ignoring faggots - Thats all you deserve lowlife

Alright faggot I am not going to claim to have invented the idea for an ignore line but I fucking love it.

In case you havent read My other listings then let Me tell you I hate you! I am here to fuck you over & exploit you for cash, nothing more!
Thats why an ignore line seems so perfect to Me faggot.
I hate you, so why bother actually talking to you?

Dont call this line thinking I am going to acknowledge you at all. You know I probably will put My phone in a room I'm not in just so you cant jerk off thinking about whats happening, all the while the $$$$ rolls into My account. Maybe you will hear Me doing something, maybe I'll be sleeping I just really dont care about you. Calling to get ignored is pathetic and you will be treated that way!

So clearly you are fucking pathetic to be even calling this listing. Here's an extra task to fuck you over while you are being ignored, its called cash rape loser!

Click the first button - Pay - Leave 5 Star Feedback
Click the second button - Pay - Leave 5 Star Feedback
So loser you do that all the way down to MY Yahoo ID which you then buy & thank ME for cash raping your pathetic ass without even wasting a minute of MY time with you. Understood? GOOD! Get on with it faggot!

So let the CASH RAPE beging faggot!

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