Phone Sex

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Hello ladies,

I'm a 43 year old straight male. Guys, please don't bother calling me. I will simply hang up on you.

I love talking to women on just about any topic. Relationships, philosophical conversations, politics and of course if you're feeling naughty, everyone's favorite topic of sex.

Have a fantasy you want to talk about, I'll try almost anything once. Here's a few that suggestions I've enjoyed in the past.

  • Explore Your Darker Side: She closed her eyes as she gave herself over to him. He was powerful and menacing. His power over her radiated like a physical wave that penetrated her skin and warmed her insides. He kissed her wrists softly before enclosing them in the rough leather cuffs that were attached to chains hanging from the dark ceiling. As he began to winch her up she felt something that surprised her...
  • Neighbors Hunk Teenage Son: He's cutting your lawn right now, his lean youthful muscles glisening with sweat as he effortlesly pushes the heavy lawnmoer around. You wonder if you should invite him in for a cold beer. Them maybe you could ask him to plow your bush as well!
  • Blackmail the Boss: What an F'ing jerk your boss is. Perhaps you should show him a lesson and put him in his place once and for all. You decide to seduce him and catch the whole thing on tape. Then you can threaten to show it to his wife!

A few things I won't discuss include:

  • Incest
  • Underagage (child) fantasies
  • Pee & Poo (yuck, who likes that anyway?)
  • I think you get the picture...

I look forward to talking with you,