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I always need something to suck on!!!

Yeah, Im talking about cigarettes, but I think I just like having things in my mouth whatever it is ;) Im not a social smoker. I smoke all the damn time. When I wake up, after I eat, when I have a drink, whatever.

I like playing with it too. I can make O's with my smoke, and when a guy is pissing me off, I blow smoke in his! Sometimes they hate it, but whatever. Most of the time they just laugh it off and tell me Im lucky Im cute or!

Anyway, if you really do get off on women who smoke, then hit me up so you can pay for my smoking habit. Theyre getting expensive, and I need something to suck on!!!

(Sorry I dont have any pictures up yet...I dont have a camera to take any, plus Im not really sure about putting all of me up on here like that! Im cute though, I promise!! LOL! Well, I hope you dont mind talking to me, even if you dont know what I look like!)