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Real Jewish Princess

Hanukkah HO HO HO★Spin this Maidel-Like a Dreidel★

Attn: International Callers Please dial the 800-TO-FLIRT and put in my extension 0281-2309 directly. Thanks!

"Be aware of your body. Be aware of your perceptions. Keep in mind that not every physical sensation is a symptom of a terminal illness."
(From the book ZEN JUDAISM by David M Bader)

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My Bouncy Boobies!
My Bush
My Round Jewish Tush
My Bountiful Body

" I Almost SNARFED my BEER When I Saw You CUCKHOLDING In YIDDISH" ! (Funny Customer)

My name is Cara Cohen and I am an Independent on NiteFlirt. I do NOT work for an Adult Agency for pennies at minimum wage. I am a liberal and open-minded Jewish mom
I am not fake.
Because I am working for myself, I work A LOT.

DO NOT BE FOOLED BY CHEAP & TAWDRY Adult Industry AGENCIES WHO TRY TO COPY ME. There is nothing worse than a fake Jew. It is like when White people try to act or talk Black. It is just awful. I am Ms. Cohen (not any copycat shmendrik,) the articulate & cool REAL Jewish woman on Niteflirt. You get what you pay for, and in this case there is no contest.

I am a quasi-public figure, as a Journalist. I am in court quite a bit and love a good suit that hugs my curves and real silk stockings and lingerie! Clearly I am quite beautiful from by long flowing hair, my perfect breasts, & my best asset-my perfect round tush!

I have to be careful when I skype or do cam. Women who do cam or skype have found movies of themselves on paid sites. In my business, that would be a bad thing. I use my REAL pictures and my REAL voice (not a voice changing app) and I do Phone Sex for Generous Gents ONLY.

Please Note: These are my own real exclusive photos so please let me know if any agency is copying them. I am 5'3" and I am too short to do fashion modeling so I do glamour modeling. It actually pays more per set than porn does, and hey-I am not tall, but good things come in small packages!

I will watch you on Cam for $5.99 a minute,

I know it is hard for guys, but please be sure to leave feedback for me with 5 stars (*****) and some lovely words to tell me that you appreciate me. If there is/was a problem please let me know before leaving me negative feedback. Giving me positive feedback makes me happy! YAY!It makes my Niteflirt ad prices go down.

I am INDEPENDENT so I give LOTS of FREE minutes and PICS that I have done TFP (Trade for Print) via my FL Modeling Agent.
I want to be your lover and your KINKY friend. I LOVE to think outside the box. I am one kinky Jewish Woman who appreciates a GENTLEMAN. I like a mensch. Manners go a long way with me.

Faygeleh, literally translated is little songbird in High German. In Yiddish, it is a man who likes to dress in a woman's clothes. I WILL use the crude form of the word F*G or F*ggot if you like and others if you want. Like not to be crude in print.

Have you EVER heard of a submissive Jewish woman? NO! Jewish women are naturally dominant and take over. I talk a lot and am literate. It will always be ME.on this listing.
Adult Sex Work Agencies may be cheaper and are fully staffed with various women & sometimes men who work shifts. I have 12 listings while they enjoy thousands. Eh, what can I do when they copy me?

I am so good that I float to the top of most pages! Top Performer Silver Awarded 13 times. Top Performer Bronze Awarded 31 times. ADDING GOODIES & STRIVING FOR THE GOLD CUP! OUT OF MORE THAN 20,000 INDIVIDUAL FLIRTS I AM IN THE 97.3% PERCENTILE OF EARNINGS PER CALL & AM WORKING PART-TIME!

Thank you very much,
Cara Cohen

Sexual satisfaction is guaranteed!

As I said I have a lot of experience, that means stories! I can tell you the first time I deep-throated , or had sex with a Shvartzah and watched his big black schlong go into my pretty little pink pussy, or do you want me to sit on your lap while I have sex with a black guy's schmekel? You can guide him into me and when his schlong blows that big load you many have the honor of cleaning "Jewish" Princess. ha ha. Want to hear about how I learned to deep throat a cock? I am open-minded and liberal. Anything Goes means ANYthing Goes, so if you want to talk about sex? Call me! If you want to talk about your problems? Call me! If you need advice or a non-judgmental ear? I want to be your friend and lover. I am very special. I am a Jewish woman and I talk a LOT! I am a very happy and loving woman who is very smart. It is not about school but Brains. I love a man with a high IQ. If your IQ is low all you hear is babble. This is what comes from the breakdown of the educational system in America.

I value The First Amendment. Freedom is very important to me. Also, standing up for the weak. Since I value Freedom of Speech, Religion, etc... I will talk about anything. I have no Taboos, qualms, or restrictions.
I have experience in a lot of things. It is usually said about me that I know a little about a lot of things! So call me for a restriction-free call. Any and ALL things go.I will be young & submissive on occasion or a transvestite with that "special" surprise for you...

I guarantee that you'll love me. That you'll call back. I am a sexual savant, I can get to the base of your kinks and make them so good you'll never go anywhere else. You'll do what ever you can to get my attention to turn toward (or untoward) you.