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Wicked, Creative, Sensual, Erotic, Fetish Roleplay

Welcome to my fetish and fantasy roleplay Listing!

Are you ready to enter into a world of deviance, wickedness, sinfully twisted imagination, and carnal desires or doom under my creative and evil control?

I am Goddess Bella Donna, also known to My dark minions and blasphemous devotees as THE SATANIC GODDESS, or as a friend of mine laughingly calls Me – The Queen of all things!

Make sure you read all the way to end for dozens of roleplaying scenerio and wicked fetish concepts I enjoying playing with you in. You never know you may discover something new and exciting, a personal favorite of yours...

My realm is that of creative wickedness, devious mind-fucks, karmic induced revenge torments, evil seduction, sinfully twisted temptations, guided by lust filled doom, and blasphemous carnal bliss.

I deeply enjoy taking apparently harmless thoughts and actions, give them a spin and a twist, and turn them into a situation where all the cards are stacked against you. I am the bringer of wicked justice into a world that is often devoid of such and give you a dose of what it’s like to be the victim in my wicked world of evil satisfaction.

I work the Paradoxes, turn good into evil and evil into good, bring the cosmic balance into play, force you to admit to your sinful desires in a nefarious way and then make you pay for it in a most delightfully merciless and methodical fashion. It’s nothing personal dear victim, I am just setting things back to rights.

Examples of that might be: Tickle Torture, Forced Cuckoldry for previously cheating men, Hyper Addictions that take your addictions to obsessions, Interrogations and Punishment, Forced Feminization for ego-centric male chauvinists, Subjugation of a sexually harassing boss, and more.

Sometimes so it’s not about revenge at all and it’s a dark mercy I visit upon you. Perhaps I simply help you to admit the darkest most deeply hidden inner core of yourself to me. After that I place you into imaginative humiliating public fantasy situations where you are now on public display and used in those areas that make you ever so weak and vulnerable.

Examples of that might be: CFNM Parties, Masturbation Conventions, Public Slut Shaming and Use, Public Gay Use, Mind-reprograming Centers where you are fitted with robotics, Abduction and Auction Fantasies, "inescapable bondage", "sensory dep/overload" and cock milking/cock pumping/devices like Venus 2000"etc may come into use...

I have always have had a deep love for mythology and fantasy. I adore the Monsters and Villains of the Stories. I cheer for the dark Shadows of our imagination and I love the idea that in the end they will win.

Examples on those types of Roleplay are: Giantess Fetish, Succubus, Vampire, Aliens, Mythological Humanoid Hybrids, Villainous Women of Power, Dark Shadow Walkers, Horny Specters, Seductive Cruel Demons and more.

Ah but of course for those who are able to handle a more extreme form of dark evil and are not afraid to enter the Realm and Temple of the Satanic Goddess herself, where your life is forfeited to Satan in the Female Form, there are always the path of Doom as your only chance of redemption.

Here you find Me in my most evil and mercilessly devious form. I am Satan walking this Earth as a woman whom you’d never suspect is out for dark dominion. I cast Hexes, Spells and Curses on you. Sacrifice you to the Abyss for My gain. Blacken your very soul and hearts. Tempt you into a life of blaspheme and sin, which will have you rejected by God for all eternity. I enslave you, use you, turn you into my dark puppet and minion. All while sounding deceptively sweet and kind. Once you are in my clutches I feed of you, drain you dry, use and abuse you for my pleasure and benefit, and take control over your sexuality in any way I desire. I am the Poison in your veins that has no antidote. Final destination Hell where I reign supreme and where you will finally find your true purpose and being. Carnality at its very best and worst.

Those are only a few aspects of my own personal house of erotic horrors, mind-fucks and wicked bliss. There are many doors and corridors in My fetish fantasy Mansion and Dungeon to explore.

Didn't see your favorite? Don't be afraid to ask Me about it. As long as you stay within TOS regulations I might be willing to give it a go. (Please note I don't offer submissive (Me) Roleplays or straight mundane sex (none kink / none fetish) Roleplays - those honestly are not My cup of tea and bore Me.) I want us both to have a good time and you won't have a good time if I don't enjoy it too. Just being honest darling.

With so much on the Menu to choose from you need to be prepared for a lengthy call. Fetish Fantasy Roleplays with me are not a 3 minute affair. We are going to get very intimate as I fuck your mind and twist your senses.

The first few minutes of every called will be spend discussing the type of Roleplay you are looking for and yes I will ask you what you want to avoid. I don’t want to accidentally take you down a wrong hallway.

I suggest you add a minimum of 30 minutes to your account so we don’t get interrupted at the best part. Please be advised that I keep my Roleplays TOS compliant, please respect my wishes on that. Thank you in advance for doing so.

Well there is nothing left to say but …. CALL ME NOW and let’s play a wicked little Fetish Fantasy Roleplay together.