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Hot cocktease Victoria

Hello stroker boy, my name is Victoria.

I am now the very proud owner of all your orgasms from now on.

I love the feeling of all that feminine power. An woman who excels at cock control is a powerful Bitch, indeed.

I find myself much more aroused and predatory when I play little games of tease and denial with a boy. You know, where you beg to cum and I just laugh and wiggle my stocking toes and answer, no. Batting my eyes and luring you in. I love when you get to that point where you are leaking, throbbing and your balls are a beautiful shade of blue. At that point I have your whole world in my dainty hand.

Kinda sweet, huh?

I like men to crawl on their simpering bellies for my beauty. I enjoy that they are hard and quite simple-minded in my presence.


Because if I can turn him into a babbling silly boy then using him for my amusement shall be a treat to be savoured.

And I do love to savour things...

Curling men around my cute little finger is a hobby that I have perfected. I know you can smell my hair and feel my warm breath on your skin as I tie you down to the bed. Getting you tied down is so easy.

You are easy.

I have awesome legs. Did you notice? I am sure you did. They are the kind of legs that command men to fall to thier knees and worship. Oh yes, I know all about that. The smell of a girls feet, the turn of her delicate ankle and the lovely feminine ass at the top

The easiest way to lead a man by his cock is denying him what he wants most. That orgasm is mine therefore I shall use it as I wish. Letting you have one or not is the luck of the draw..

Is lady luck beside you?

Hardly....she is off having fun with her man

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