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Sissy School Inc

Lessons at the Sissy School: Training begins now!

Are the other girls on Niteflirt just not mean enough? Are you looking for someone who knows how to punish losers until their egos lay broken on the floor?

Sissy School, Incorporated is a new venture by two experienced dominas.

You will not get to choose which of us becomes your teacher. You will get to choose some things, though. For instance, each of our sissy boys will have the ability to choose from any of our illustrious majors:

Domestic Services: Is cleaning your greatest joy? Does the thought of serving your goddess as a maid, fit only for the basest of chores, make your loser panties wet? The Domestic Services track can turn you from being pathetic and incompetent to being...well, pathetic and competent!

Money Pig: Is your wallet just too full? You know it is. We know how to spend it better than you do, and even if you're reluctant now, we can find ways to...persuade you into becoming a better little piggy. Say oink!

Cocksucking: For the true specialist, a certificate in cocksucking is the ultimate accomplishment. What a happy graduate you'll be, when you've learned to conquer your gag reflex and your inhibitions, with the Sissy School Inc. dominas to help you along the way!

Shoes and Stocking Specialist: Shopping galore awaits us as we make you a shoe and stocking connaisseur. You will be expected not only to know how to properly straighten a back seam, but also the difference between truly beautiful shoes and ugly ripoffs.

Charm and Etiquette: For the true experience of feeling like a girl, the Charm and Etiquette track teaches you how to become more feminine in appearance and manner, from walking with a swish to talking with the proper lilt. At the Sissy School, we believe it is everyone's right to become beautiful, and we can help you achieve your goals in this track.

Undecided Losers: Want to try a little of everything? Don't know what you're best at quite yet? Oh, that's just fine, but remember: If you don't declare a major eventually, we'll declare one for you, and it might not be the one you like best.

The first step in joining the Sissy School is applying. This entails both a telephone interview about your sissy history (we accept both newly curious sissies and those with much more experience) and your goals, followed by a brief questionnaire/application form sent to your Niteflirt inbox that will become part of your permanent record. If you seem to have the character and integrity we demand in a proper submissive, you will have no trouble in being accepted. If not, you will be blocked. We reserve the right to block anyone for any reason.

Would you like to know more? Call for your telephone interview today and we can begin your education.