Phone Sex

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Hello, slave. You may address me as Mistress Sapphire. I am a young, exploring Domme looking for very special submissives to help me release my sadistic side. Will you be an adequate plaything?

I will interrogate you and get into your head. I want to know your deepest fantasies. I want to expand on your greatest BDSM experiences so that I can really learn how to control you. I will learn your weaknesses, exploit them to own you completely. I want to make you mine... I want to make you my little whore, painslut, my most pathetic entertainment device.

Perhaps one day I may choose to humiliate you by telling you how small and disgusting your cock is. I might even make fun of your pathetic attempts to please me. And you will take all of this, and still thank me for my attention... You know you're pathetic for paying for someone who is going to abuse you and laugh at you, but I'm going to make you want to call me again and again and again...

I will torture you. I will make you punish your body to my heart's content. I'm going to have you pinch your nipples. I will make you finger yourself. You are not allowed to use lube this time. I want your ass to be ready for what I'm going to do to it. My toys are far bigger than your finger, so you should be able to do this.

When I am talking to you, I expect you to be kneeling on a hard tile floor, on your knees. I want you to be uncomfortable every time you speak to me. You will never be allowed to touch yourself without asking me, or unless I desire it. All of this, while being on the phone with me, so that I can enjoy your suffering.

And what rewards are there for all of your abuse? The pleasure of my sweet, beautiful voice, commanding you -- and perhaps the odd reward: a story from my life, a sensual story to tease and arouse you, the chance to listen to me showering or to talk to me on the phone while I am with friends, all of them laughing at your humiliation, at a dinner at your expense.