Phone Sex

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Princess Dolly

I'm back!!!! Fuck you, Pay Me!!!!!!

You are the dirtiest and vilest of earths creatures and your only place in this life and the next is at my feet.Names aren't even granted because you're that worthless... I address you pigs, shopping pets and money slaves by number, sorta like the sticker on the big toe of a corpse because all you are is dead weight. I'm not the only person who feels like this. Your mother felt a huge sense of regret the minute you were born...she just never told you to your face!But little sexy me is different.

I enjoy humiliating you while you
try to complete an impossible task...
proving your worth more the money
you put in my bank account
and the luxuries you bring into my life that is.
While I am perfection in every single way...
you are that nasty sticky shit
beneath my christian louboutin pumps.
So open up your mouth and keep salivating
at the bi-racial beauty before you.and
keep opening up your wallet and accounts to ME!

face="georgia">Well while your sitting there stroking your teeny little pecker
how about you make yourself useful by paying some bills,
or the mortgage, or perhaps you can help contribute to my
Range Rover fund because beyond paying for those things
and purchasing me stuff off of my amazon wishlist,
your about as worthless as a penny with a hole in it!! ha ha ha!

All Fat Greasy Sloppy Pigs, Smart Pimply Nerdy Losers,
Little Limp Dicked Losers, Control Complexed Corporate Officers,
Cuckhold Cum Guzzlers, and every other form of male inferiority
are welcome to come devote themselves
and serve Princess Dolly With Money and Entertainment.