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Cuckholding Sam

I Want To Use You For My Amusement!

Hello, my name is Samantha, but my friends call
me Sam, and since your a friend, you can too.  
Everyone has secrets. and I have a really naughty
secret to tell you.  I trust that you will keep it,
perhaps you will tell me one in return.  My secret is
that I like boys that suck cock and that will let me
whore them out to horny men.

My boyfriend Billie and I are swingers.  We
were attending this orgy, it was aspecial orgy
called a blackout orgy.  The lights are off for
fifteen minutes and then come on for five
minutes, and it goes on like that for all night.
Billie and I jumped into the sea of fucking
bodies.  I was being eaten out by this big
chested girl, and he had some girl bouncing
on his cock.  The lights went out, and it was
pitch black, it seemed like hands were
coming from everywhere.  The sounds of
fucking and moaning filled my ears, and the
feel of cocks and pussy all over me had my
pussy drenched.  Then the lights came on,
and when my eyes adjusted, I looked over at
Billie, and his girl was still bouncing on his
cock, but I also noticed that he had some
guy slowly fucking his mouth.  At first I was
upset about it, but I could not stop looking.  
Here was my boyfriend sucking another
mans cock, oh my god I could not believe
that it was turning me on so much.
I saw the guy thrust one last thrust as
he came deep in Billies mouth,.Then
Bille opened his eyes and saw me
watching and turned bright red with
blushing.  We both got up and left the
room before the lights went back out.  
He was so apologetic, and it was his first
time with another man. I told him that I
would not be angry as long as he would
share his next one with me.

Since that night, I have shared cocks
with Billie,as well as fucked him and
other guys with strap ons.  For an
exciting change, sometimes I will dress
him up as a woman and take him to a
bar and have him pick up men to give
blow jobs to.

So, that is my secret, it is not too bad.  
Do you have any secrets that you would
like to share with me?