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kiss my feet worship feet dirty feet lick my toes

It's obvious that my gorgous tiny feet are incredibly sexy and exhilerating. They also happen to bring me immense pleasure too. You see, I have an amazing foot fetish, and I love driving boys like you wild with my pretty little peds. I absolutely adore hearing boys like you begging to pamper them. To massage my legs and feet with silky soft creams, offering to adorn them in pretty foot jewelery, craving to apply that cotton candy pink nail polish that I love so much. Nothing makes my feet happier than being pampered and spoiled! And it feels so good too, because adoring my feet brings me to heights of tremendous foot orgasms!

You see, I learned at an early age how powerful my tiny little feet are. And that's when my outrageous shoe and boot fetish began too. Because while my closet is filled with loads of shoes and boots of every possible description, they are for your pleasure, as much as mine. And that's what I being entranced with my feet. Clad in high heeled sandals, snug in tight leather boots, or pretty as they are, completely bare. Oh, I've caught you staring at them. You can't seem to take your eyes off of them, now can you? That's what happened that first time I leg crossed over the other, my pretty little high heel dangling off of my freshly painted toes, and you...unable to tear your eyes away. Your cock getting harder each time my shoe slipped a little lower to expose my perfect lil instep. And that's when I knew I had you. All of you foot loving boys, addicted to my perfect pretty pink feet.

I'll also use your weakness for my pretty feet to find out all of your deepest foot fantasies too. And I'll make them a mind blowing reality. Maybe you want to touch them, rub them, and adore them while I moan with pleasure. Maybe you're dying for a sniff. Willing to do anything for the chance to inhale their pungently sweet sweatiness. Perhaps you want to suck my sweaty toes clean through my soiled stockings. Maybe you're craving the hottest foot job you've ever had...right there, under the table in the restaurant. Maybe you want to jerk your hot creamy load all over them...but keep in mind that I always make my boys clean up their messes! Then again...your tastes might run to wanting to fuck my freshly worn shoes. Your cock's getting hard now that you can almost taste them, isn't it? Eager for me to walk all over you?

Or maybe your tastes are more on the submissive side. Don't worry, I know just how to take care of boys like you too. I definitley know how to treat boys like scum...hearing you beg and grovel makes my pussy quiver, and will make me laugh in your face! You better hope to catch me in a generous mood, or I just might force you down onto the floor, with one foot behind your neck, ordering you to lick and suck my dirty feet clean. Turning men like you into my dirty little foot bitches is something I'm completely addicted to! And don't expect me to listen to your pathetic protests...because I'll be forced to gag you with my glorious toes. Can you just imagine what you'd sound like if I twisted my foot down into your dirty mouth? Hahaha! But you'll just beg for more, being the nasty foot freak that you are!

And I'm only too happy to oblige! Any foot fantasy, from the mild to the extreme, I'm totally your Foot Fetish Princess! I can be sweet and sultry, but don't let my innocent looks fool you....I can be a bratty little bitch too! If you really want to find out what true addiction is, and what real fetishes are made of, then give me a call!