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Fierce mind games from a Manipulatrix

I'm a Southern California Princess living in the real world. I'm twenty-six years old and smarter than you'd think. I am blonde, petite, and sexier than your wife or girlfriend. I've been called manipulative, bitchy, and insatiable before. Unfortunately for you, all of these things are true.

I'm college educated and well traveled. I've also got a body men like you drool over. I can hold an intelligent conversation and drive you crazy -- usually at the very same time.

I'm not a flavor of the week. I'm one of a kind. If you're looking for some mindless bimbo, you'll find plenty elsewhere on this site. If, however, you're seeking more than a suck 'n fuck kind of phone call, you're getting closer. If you're looking for a brutally honest conversation, or the chance to worship a Princess, then you'd be getting warmer. If the idea of a girl who knows what she wants turns you on, but one of a young woman who knows exactly how to get it drives you insane, then you're most certainly in the right place.

If you're here, you're likely looking for something to satisfy that urge. You've done a good job of denying it until now, only giving yourself a taste now and then, but nothing's taken you over the edge exactly. You've always been in control... until now. You were waiting for the girl who could push you just a little bit further than all the rest. Here I am.

I'm not perfect; I'm perfectly flawed. I cuss like a sailor and I smoke like a chiminey. I like bad boys and cheesy pop music. I laugh at the way older men look at me. I'm an artist and a free thinker. I'm an activist and a radical. I'm a political junkie and a poet.

As for my name, you can ask me. Until then, think of Me as a calculating Manipulatrix who has the ability to turn your entire world upside down.

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